Philly daydreams: submit


Daydreams in transit is a project that will map compelling stories threading crossed paths with one another. These tales of journeys, migration and daydreaming will provide connection, closing in on the distance - taking us back to the core of our culture and heartbeat of Philadelphia.


Septa train

Mural Arts, SEPTA, The Philadelpia International Airport and the Free Library of Philadelphia, in partnership with Short Edition, the innovative publishing house of short fiction, invite Philadelphia-area authors to grow their readership by sharing their best stories.

Via this Daydreams in transit platform, authors are invited to submit an original short stories of 7,500 characters or fewer, or a comic strip, to be considered for placement online and in Philly's Short Story Dispensers. Previously published stories are welcome, as long as authors have retained the publishing rights to their work.


Besides these submissions, you'll also be able to discover transcripts of interviews led by Indian-American artist and filmmaker Anula Shetty. For this project, Shetty has been working within the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), researching its history and filming stories from employees and commuters across Philadelphia who share intimate glimpses into how daily transit can serve as a space for daydreaming, wonder, and connection.  

“The goal is to create connections between people who cross paths during their daily commute,” Shetty said. “Through Philly Daydreams, I want to provide SEPTA riders a moment to hear uplifting stories of human connection and a moment to be moved by a poem or performance, to imagine, and to daydream as I got to during the wonderful process of exploring SEPTA and meeting my inspiring city mates.” 

Visit any of the locations below to find the Short Story Dispensers and get a free story or a transcription of the Stories in Transit:

  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • Jefferson Station
  • Suburban Station
  • SEPTA Headquarters
  • Parkway Central Library